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International Cooperation

Global Co-operation

 BTBU has the internationalization strategy and it strives to promote international collaboration in the fields of education and academic research. Presently BTBU has established links with nearly 70 universities, institutions and businesses of almost 20 countries all over the world. 

BTBU has set up several joint degree programs with its international partners. It encourages the students to go abroad to study through exchange programs, and more than 200 students can benefit from the exchange programs yearly. At the same time, the University is making great efforts in attracting more and more international students. Presently about 200 international students are studying at BTBU. The Chinese Language Training courses and Cultural and Economic Courses in English are tailored for international students.

Professors and researchers play key roles in international cooperation. There are more than 100 professors and researchers going abroad to attend international conferences or involve in joint research programs every year. Meanwhile, the university invites more than 20 long-term lecturers to teach at the university and more than 50 short-term professors and scholars to conduct academic activities including lecturing, joint research and tutoring students.