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Colorful Cultural Activities for International Students Held

   In order to improve the management of International student affairs, to enrich the experience of International students in BTBU, the International Office has held varieties of cultural activities this semester.


  On October 10and November 3, the International Office and the Volunteer Association of International Cooperation and Exchange held two Chinese-Foreign student football matches on Fucheng Road campus, in which both graduate students of BTBU and foreign students participated.


  On October 29, the International Office organized foreign students to go outside campus on a tour to the Great Wall, feeling the glamour of world cultural heritage and experiencing the spirit of “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a real man”. 40 International students and volunteers took part in the activity.


  On November 12, the International Office held a “Chinese ink painting” class for the first time as a part of Chinese Cultural Experience Classes. Chinese famous painter Ms. Xuexiu Guo was invited to give a lecture to foreign students on ink painting skills and techniques. Over 40 International students attended the class. From this class, they were able to experience the profound Chinese traditional painting, and then, to deepen their recognition and understanding of Chinese culture.


  On November 17, the Fun Sports Game was held for International students, in which three sports items were involved — “Suo Lian Jia Su”, “Jumping rope” and “fun football”. All the items were participated by groups that consist of Chinese and foreign students. The foreign students were so interested in the games that they worked hard during the match and practiced a lot before the match.


  On December 6, Professor Hong Meng from Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences was invited to give lecture to foreign students the “Chinese medicine culture and health wellness” course as a part of Chinese Cultural Experience Classes. From this course, the students learned about the history of Chinese medicine and developed their interest in TCM health keeping.


  On December 10, the International Office had Chinese and foreign students gathered to learn to make dumplings as a part of Chinese Cultural Experience activities. After one hour and a half’s effort, they enjoyed the hot dumplings made by themselves.


  These colorful cultural activities won high praise from students. They all showed their desire for more and richer activities to help them learn about and experience the glamorous Chinese culture.